History of baby cribs

cotts-&-cribsNow-a-days cribs are used for all babies up till the age of three. The bed for infants is known as baby crib. This is the place where the baby spends most of the time. Baby cribs became common in 19th century. Baby cribs were derived from cradles. Cradles are small swinging bed for babies. Different styles of cradles were used by Native Americans but after the colonies were settled by Europeans the cradles got changed. The range of the material required to make furniture increased and people showed their interest in those styles of cradles which have heavy structures.

The cradles became fancy and people started liking heavy carving and decorations including some hangings too. Cradles were designed and produced by professional woodworkers who also design other home furniture. They were compact free-standing beds and could be easily placed next to the bed of the parents. Cradles were made on a frame so they had the ability to rock gently.

Then the best girl baby cribs were used for infant beds. Their purpose was to keep the baby happy and safe at one place. They were designed in a way so they can swing easily. Some models were introduced which can swing on their own for as long as one hour. Safety was given less importance in those days. These were designed to place along the beds of parents. Later the cooling and heating system became centralized and baby cribs were design to be placed at any room of the house.

There was a time when space was an issue. Once the baby grows so he/she could not come in cradle, parents used trundle bed as it saves space. As the homes became larger in size, baby cribs got more popularity. Home-made cribs were used as they were cheap. Earlier the number of kids in the family were high comparatively so one crib was used by all kids of the same family. The cribs used in that era were made from natural wood and were very strong. The durability of the cribs allows them to be used for even more than one generation. This kind of solid top wooden crib are rarely seen now-a-days. These types of cribs are placed in antique stores. These were made from hardwood that had been softened by many years but gave no sign of wearing out.

The design of the cribs keeps on changing from time to time but the basic design remains the same. The main focus when changing the designs were cost and safety. The safety standards of today’s baby cribs prove that the cribs and cradles in the earlier times were not safe at all. The slats used in cribs of earlier times were far apart which could prove dangerous. As some unfortunate incidents happened, people started to focus on the safety standards.

Parents should always give the top priority to safety standards. There are some cribs available for sale in markets which are very attractive in appearance and the manufacturers have compromised on the safety standards in order to give a new and stylish look to the crib. So never go for the stylish crib if the safety in compromised.